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Trance channeling seems to have been used by the elites in the past century to scare people away from channeling and spirituality in general. After the idea of the desirability of control has been indoctrinated in all social classes, it is easy to use the idea of total loss of control to scare people away.

It is utterly strange, that a large amount of people confronted channeling - at first at least - via this peculiar form of channeling. This form of channeling is a lot more seldom than any other form, yet it has been propagated the most, with crippling effects towards the curiosity of many spiritual seekers. (Of course there were those who did not buy the control stuff and went ahead to trance-channel anyway.)

Aim (talk) 10:24, 7 January 2018 (UTC)


Dossey (2012) provides the example of Frida Kahlo, an artist who was clearly trance channeling her art work.

On the days when I am to paint I am always roused very early — generally between five and six in the morning—by three loud knocks at my bed. I open my eyes and see my bedroom brightly illuminated, and immediately understand that I have to stand up and work. I dress myself in the beautiful iridescent light, and wait a few moments, sitting in my armchair, until the feeling comes that I have to work. It never delays. All at once I stand up and walk to the picture. When about two steps before it I feel a strange sensation, and probably fall asleep at the same moment. I know, later on, that I must have slept because I notice that my fingers are covered with different colors, and I do not remember at all to have used them.[1]


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