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The Devil is an Old Energy Archetype from the Masonic Tarot Deck. In the Book of Slavery and Book of Power, the archetype is used to reinforce the idea that there should be a "balance" between good and evil.

Devil Tarot Card Freemason's Deck

List of Old Energy Archetypes from the Masonic Tarot

Chariot, Death (archetype), Duality, Hermit, Hierophant, High Priestess, Judgement, Justice, Star, Strength, Sun (archetype), Temperance, The Devil, The Emperor, The Empress, The Fool, The Hanged Man, The Lovers, The Magician, The Moon, The Tower, The Wheel of Fortune, The World (old energy)

Old Energy Archetype Constellations

Old Energy Archetype Constellations > Binary Gender, Chosen One, Compliance and Submission, Excuse and Justification, Fool in School, Good versus Evil, Isolated Individuality, Judge and Punish/Reward, Only the Chosen, Secrets

Related Terms

Old Energy Archetypes > Book of Slavery


Book of Power

Papus uses this card to personify an "astral force." "The universal vivifying force represented by the 3rd arcanum, has here become the universal destroying force." [1]

Book of Slavery

This card is used to blame the victim. People are chained to maya, self-delusion, materialism, one's own desires, because of choices they make.[2] Slavery and self-delusion are not the result of propaganda, failed education, or damage to the bodily ego which subverts optimal human function, but something that happens because if your failure to rise above temptation, weakness, human frailty. If only you would smarten up, then you could free yourself from chains.

And again, the problems in your life are all your fault. "The Devil card represents your shadow (or darker) side and the negative forces that constrain you and hold you back from being the best version of yourself. You may be at the effect of negative habits, dependencies, behaviours, thought patterns, relationships, and addictions. You have found yourself trapped between the short-term pleasure you receive and the longer-term pain you experience. Just as the Lovers card speaks to duality and choice, so too does the Devil; however, with the Devil, you are choosing the path of instant gratification, even if it is at the expense of your long-term well-being. In effect, you have sold your soul to the devil!"[3]

"In a great many situations, from political oppression to the personal misery of a bad family life, people only become consciously unhappy when they realize that life holds other alternatives."[4]



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