Kingdom of Heaven

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The Kingdom of Heaven (a.k.a. the Kingdom of God or just The Kingdom) is the Christian term for a state of the Physical Unit characterized by strong and persistent Connection and high CQ. The Kingdom of God represents a state of "high" Consciousness in body. The term may also be used to refer to the completion of the Evolutionary Process and the arrival of Stage Seven (a.k.a. The Kingdom of Heaven)


Christianity> Baptism, Beatific Vision, Eschaton, Garden of Eden, Heaven, Rapture, Spiritual Marriage, The Body, The Garden, The Veil, The Way

Syncretic Terms

Stage Seven > Al-Insan al-Kamil, Eupsychia, Eupsychian World, Frashokereti, Graduation, Home, Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Heaven, The Garden


To attain the Kingdom of Heaven, Heal and Connect

Maslow discusses "heaven" as a state of consciousness one arrives at during Connection Experiences. "Heaven, so to speak, lies waiting for us through life, ready to step into for a time and to enjoy before we have to come back to our ordinary life of striving."[1]


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