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The internal bullshit detector (IBD) is a feature of the human body elicited in a connected Physical Unit (PU).

The internal bullshit detector generates a unique, noetic feeling of "rightness",or "correctness",or "truth" in the PU, even though the information is not backed by evidence. In some cases, the information may even diverge significantly from the world views of the PU.

The IBD is not necessarily functional purely for corrective discernment, as the term suggests, it may also exhibit a feeling of "yes, this is correct!!" if the information provided is correct. As such, it is a tool for discernment.


The intensity of the IBD may vary and is a function of:

- how open the crown chakra is.

Providing a high Consciousness Quotient (CQ). The higher the CQ, the more intensive the feeling.

- how open the third eye chakra is

Providing the energies for discernment. The more open it is, the clearer the feeling.

- the proper functioning of both hemispheres of the brain

In order for the IBD to function properly, the brain needs both yin and yang. Males with a feminine demeanor and females with a masculine demeanor are more likely to exhibit a stronger affinity towards the IBD, because "by default" (in our system that is), they have a better balanced yin/yang usage. This is not to say that others can't gain access to the IBD. In the end, it's simply a matter of proper development of energy usage and the physical consequences of it. Unfortunately, in our society, the males are stripped off of big parts of the yin energies, and vice versa with the females. (which btw is crucial for the propagation of the system, because it enables a host of methods to turn away the PU from the truth.)

- the level of attention of the PU for the specific issue to be assessed.

--Aim (talk) 21:34, 5 December 2017 (UTC)

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