Great Gardener

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The Great Gardener is an North American Indigenous term for God.

Syncretic Terms

Fabric of Consciousness > Absolute Mind, Adhi Buddha, Ain Soph Aur, Al-Haqq, Allah, Ancient One, Anima Mundi, Blazing Star, Brahman, Brahmic Splendor, Central Order, Crown, Divine Fire, Field of the Universe, First Mover, Formless, God, GodHead, Govinda, Great Artist, Great Being, Great Breath, Great Gardener, Great Light, Great Self, Guardian Angel, Immortal Spirit, Ineffable Light, Kether, Mind at Large, Nam Shé, Nirguna Brahman, Nondual God, Nonlocal Mind, Oversoul, Primal Self, Primum Mobile, Purusha, Realms of Consciousness, Simurg, Spirit, Subliminal Seed Regime, Supreme, Supreme Spirit, The Dreaming, The Lord, The Old One, The One, The Power and the Glory, Transpersonal Realm... further results


"Why,” said one, “the flowers are for our souls to enjoy; not for our bodies to wear. Leave them alone and they will live out their lives and reproduce themselves as the Great Gardener intended. He planted them; we must not pluck them, for it would be selfish to do so."[1]


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