Ain Soph Aur

The Fabric of Consciousness

Ain Soph Aur is a term used in Jewish Kabbalah to summarize the manifested universe as it emanates from Consciousness. The term reflects The Unfolding of Creation as demarcated along three key creative states.


Ain (or Ayin_ → The Fabric of Consciousness in its original state of Undifferentiated Consciousness = a state of "I"-less/ego-less bliss.
Ain Soph → The Fabric of Consciousness as it existed after the intial Intensification of Consciousness and the consequent self-realization of I, but before the initiation of emanation. Once a monad existed in The Fabric, Consciousness became differentiated.
Ain Soph Aur → The Fabric of Consciousness as it exists during the perpetual and eternal emanation/unfolding of Physical Creation. Emanating Consciousness

Ain Sophi Aur is fully expounded in the four volumes of The Book of Light

An attempt by Jesus Christ to describe Ain Soph Aur to his disciplines is recounted in the gnostic gospel, The Sophia of Jesus Christ.

The two-volume Secret Doctrine is also an attempt to describe Ain Soph Aur, though it is run through with corrupting elite ideologies.

Further Reading


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