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The Flow (a.k.a. The Flow of Consciousness, the Stream of Consciousness) refers to the flow of ideas, images, and Archetypes constantly streaming through the mind of the Physical Unit.[1] Flow is enhanced, sometimes dramatically, during Connection Experiences

Syncretic Terms

The Flow > Stream of Consciousness

Related LP Terms

The Flow > Archetypes, Divine Flow, Flow Control, Flow Purification, Message Stream

Non-LP Related Terms

The Flow > Dhikr, Shefa


The Flow emerges from three sources, the Bodily Ego, the Spiritual Ego, or some other location within The Fabric of Consciousness.[2]

The Flow is subject to Communication Errors caused by Wrong Thought

A goal of healthy human development is to ensure the Bodily Ego is healthy and strong enough so that it can connect with, discern, and integrate the Flow that emerges from sources outside the Bodily Ego.

Old Energy Archetypes corrupt and diminish The Flow, while New Energy Archetypes purify and enhance.

The Flow is enhanced during Connection Experiences when The Pipe is wide open and the Bodily Ego is more fully connected to the Spiritual Ego.

The diminishing and destructive effect of old energy archetypes are enhanced during connection.

Flow is enhanced during Connection.

The enhanced flow that occurs during connection, plus the presence of old energy archetypes, plus a damaged psyche and diminished self-esteem, can lead to Connection Pathology. It is important therefore that when one practices connection, one also works to heal the psyche and remove old energy archetypes. Failure to do so may lead to spiritual trauma, connection pathology, and (in rare cases) permanent psychological damage.

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