Past Life Memories

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Past Life Memories are memories of one's past lives that may occur during a Connectin Event. They are the result of the Enhanced Connection that occurs as a consequence of Connection Experience.


Enhanced Connection > Intramonadic Communication, Noesis, Past Life Memories, Realization of Immortality, Recollection, The Family of Spirit, Transcendence, Turn to the Left

List of Connection Outcomes

Connection Outcome > Connection Pathology, Déjà vu, Emotional Cleansing, Emotional Satisfaction, Enlightenment, Existential Terrors, Healing, Liberation, Perfect Connection, Perfected Connection, Perfection, Permanent Connection, Physical Sensations, Psychotic Mysticism, Realization of Self, Ritambharapragya, Spontaneous Alignment, The Unity, Transformation, Union


Stanislav Grof notes some of his clients, while using LSD during Psycholytic Therapy, reported "past-incarnation memories." [1][2]


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