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A Monad is Consciousness concentrated and intensified intensified to the point where Ego (i.e. self-consciousness + perspective + will) emerges. The term monad is syncretic with the LP term Spiritual Ego.

Syncretic Terms

Monad > Atman

Spiritual Ego > Ajayu, Angel, Atman, Augoeides, Blazing Star, Brahman, Bright Light, Buddha Nature, Deep Self, Divine Ego, Father in Heaven, Genuine Self, God Self, Great Self, Guardian Angel, Higher Genius, Higher Self, Highest Self, Holy Spirit, Immortal Spirit, Inner Radar, Inner Self, Inner-Self, Intensification of Consciousness, Intrinsic Consciousness, Kra, La, Monad, Monadic Consciousness, Monadic Intensification, Neshamah, Ohr, Original Face, Paramatman, Real Ego, Real Self, Sakshi Chaitanya, Saug, Self, Soul, Spirit, Super Ego, Supreme Self, The Knower, The Witness, Transcendental Self, True Self, Unconsciousness, Universal Being, Universal Deity... further results

Related LP Terms

Monad > Differentiated Consciousness, Ego, First Birth, Intensification of Consciousness, Monadic Consciousness, Monadic Intensification, Monadic Node

Non-LP Related Terms

Monad >


Since you are self aware, you are a monadic intensification of consciousness. Since you are reading these words in the eyes of your physical body, you are a monadic intensification of consciousness incarnated in a Physical Unit.

Monads may or may not find expression in the physical universe. When a monad expresses inside the physical universe we may refer to them as Monadic Expressions. When monads "take a seat" in a Physical Unit, they may be referred to as Resident Monadic Consciousness.

The monadic nature of Consciousness is visually represented by the Tree of Lights.

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