Atrophied Adult

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An Atrophied Adult is an adult who, owing to their childhood experience of aggression and violence, or their still unmet basic and cognitive needs has not fully activated the Physical Unit, has not moved towards Self-Actualization, and has not experienced even brief moments of transcendence. Atrophied adults are developmentally atrophied and represent a shadow of the full potential of consciousness in body.

Atrophied adults are driven by their deficits and will desperately search for ways to a) end aggression and violence in their lives and b) meet their unmet needs. Unmet needs can be met in a positive manner, by for example finding loving and supportive friendships or partnerships that encourage boundaries and healing, or they can be met in a toxic and self-destructive manner, by for example a) over-acting in the world (for example becoming master pianists to bolster our self-esteem), b) putting others down, either through exclusion, competition, or domination (i.e. meeting our needs by denying the needs of others) or c) by spinning self-delusion.

Because of the toxic nature of this planet's socialization process, all adults experience some level of developmental atrophy.