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Norms are culturally established rules of social behavior expected from individuals within a society. Established rules are relative to each culture, for example, people from the western culture expect that you should eat with your mouth closed and use utensils. Norms may be seperated into two broad categories, System Norms and Species Norms.

System Norms are cultural norms that contribute to maintenance and recreation of The System. System norms include norms that emphasize silence and good behavior over speaking out and resistance, norms that emphasize punctual and regular attendance, and norms that emphasize competition and struggle over co-operation and peace. System norms are imposed by Agents of Socialization in the early years of childhood life at a time when the individual is open, trusting, and too mentally and emotionally immature to be able question.

Species Norms are norms that honor the nature of the physical body as vessel for consciousness. Species norms encourage alignment of the physical body with consciousness. Species norms emphasize co-operation, compassion, empathy, and equality.

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