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The Lightning Path is a sophisticated and modern Human Development Framework. The Lightning Path sees pure and persistent Connection as the primary endpoint of human evolution and development and, because of Toxic Socialization, Healing as a necessary step towards reConnection.

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A graphic shoring the theoretical and ethical foundations of the Lightning Path
LP and its Foundations

Lightning Path curriculum is focussed on Healing trauma and preparing the Bodily Ego so that it can achieve strong and permanent Connection with its own Spiritual Ego.

The LP is a response to Maslow's call for "mass techniques" of helping. Noting that most people can't avail themselves of expensive psychoanalysis, Abraham Maslow suggested that "...we must turn our attention more and more to mass techniques of helping the person to discover this precious human nature deep within himself-this, nature that he is afraid of expressing."[1] The Lightning Path is designed to be such a "mass technique."

The LP is also a response to the call for "technology" to facilitate a "Consciousness Revolution"[2].

The Lightning is still in development. It currently consists of a carefully knit collection of courses, workbooks, Rocket Guides, and this SpiritWiki.

The LP is still in development.

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