Healing Experience

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Caution. This article/definition is in draft form and at this time may constitute no more than rough notes, reminders for required content, or absolutely nothing at all. Content is subject to revision.

Healing Experience Types

Connection > Connection Experience > Healing Experience > (Healing Moment)

List of Connection Experience Types

Connection Experience > Activation Experience, Aesthetic Experience, Birth Experience, Clearing Experience, Completion Experience, Death Experience, Deep Flow, Diminutive Experience, Dream Experience, Flow Experience, Forced Connection, Healing Experience, Nadir Experience, Peak Experience, Plateau Experience, Push Experience, Rebirth Experience, Restorative Experience, Union Experience, Unity Experience, Zenith Experience


"Spiritual experiences in themselves may be doorways or avenues to recovery from the psychopathological or harmful aspects of psychosis rather than mere symptoms, etiological markers, or inhibitory factors conventionally deemed to be counter-productive to treatment regimes" [1]


  1. Goretzki, Monika, Michael A. Thalbourne, and Lance Storm. “Development of a Spiritual Emergency Scale.” Journal of Transpersonal Psychology 45, no. 2 (June 2013): 106.