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The Physical Universe

<translate> The Physical Universe is the lowest (in terms of vibratory frequencies) "level" of Creation (BOLIFE). The physical universe is what you see when you open your eyes in a Physical Unit.


In The Book of Life: Ascension and the Divine World Order (BOLIFE) the Physical Universe is represented by the Space-Time Tube. Note that the tube has a lower boundary, which is the Big Bang, and an upper boundary, which we may call the Edge of Time.

In Jewish Caballah, the physical universe is represented by the sephiroth Malkuth on the Tree of Life (BOLIFE).

As noted in the Book of Light, the physical universe is an emanation of Consciousness. The cabalistic Tree of Life is a visual representation of that emanation.

Syncretic Terms

</translate> Physical Creation, Body of Christ, Earth, Malkuth <translate>

Further Reading

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