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Creation refers to physical creation, everything that exists within the Space-Time Tube. That is, all that exists after Consciousness enters into Consciousness.

Syncretic Terms

Related LP Terms

Creation > Cosmic Watershed, Cosmic Womb, Creative Moment, Cyclical Moments, Forces of Creation

Non-LP Related Terms

Creation > Big Bang, Tawajjuh, Theology


As noted in the Book of Light, Creation is a dream of energy in the mind of I. That is, creation is everything that exists within the Mind of God.

Physical Creation is everything that exists within the Space-Time Tube which itself also exists within the Mind of God.

Creation is both a physical process and a spiritual process (BOLIFE). The Physical Process of Creation is the process of using hands to create the world. For example, a carpenter using his hands to create a house is engaged in a process of physical creation. The Spiritual Process of Creation is the process of using will (desire + intent) to exert a non-physical influence on reality. The well-documented Placebo Effect is an example of a spiritual process of creation.

"According to the Sânkhya philosophy, nature is composed of three forces called, in Sanskrit, Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. These as manifested in the physical world are what we may call equilibrium, activity, and inertness. Tamas is typified as darkness or inactivity; Rajas is activity, expressed as attraction or repulsion; and Sattva is the equilibrium of the two."

Tressoldi and Woolacot conduct a study analyzing the first-person phenomenological accounts 40 scientist's Connection Experiences,[1] finding that what they call True Realityis a forcefilled, boundary-less, vast, eternal blissful, loving, intelligent, self-aware, knowing universe, exactly like mystics have been saying for millennia

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