Space-Time Tube

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Space Time Tube

The Space-Time Tube (or just "The Tube") for short, first introduced in the [[BOLIFE}}, links space and time into an eternal four-dimensional unfolding, driven by Imagination and Intent and that exists for the sole purpose of solving the Problem of Ennui and providing a playground for Immortal Spirit.


According to Swami Vivekananda, "Our universe is that portion of existence which is characterized by what the Sanskrit psychologists call Desha-kâla-nimitta, or what is known to European psychology as space, time, and causation. This universe is only a part of infinite existence, thrown into a peculiar mould, composed of space, time, and causation. It necessarily follows that law is possible only within this conditioned universe; beyond it there cannot be any law."[1]

The Esoteric Sun-Dot as representation of creation within the mind of God

Our understanding of the nature of The Tube is condition by our location, and hence our perspective, in Creation. From the perspective of a Monad incarnated in a body, The Tube appears to move away in all directions (i.e. up, down, left, right, future, past). In Reality, and from the perspective of Immortal Spirit outside The Tube, The Tube exists only as a collective set of Archetypes and ideas in the mind of God. Since ideas have no Physical Dimensions, the archetypes and ideas in the Mind of God may be represented as a dot (ideas in Consciousness within a circle (the emanating Physical Universe.


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