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A Religious Experience is a Connection Experience filtered through the Bodily Ego of an individual raised with a particular organized religion.

Syncretic Terms for Connection Experience

Connection Experience > Exceptional Human Experience, Holotropic States, Mystical Experience, Pure Consciousness Event, Religious Experience, Spiritual Experience, Spiritually Transformative Experience, Transcendental Experience

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Connection, Connection Experience, Connection Axes


A "religious experience" occurs when the Crown Chakra of a naive practitioner (technically the Physical Unit of the practitioner) activates sufficiently so that the bodily consciousness of the physical unit penetrates fully into the Fabric of Consciousness. Thus, a religious experience may be understood as a particularly visceral form of channeling. The "religious experience," (i.e., the crown opening) is normally the result of ascetic practice (i.e., fasting) or the ingestion of Entheogens and is thus generally sought after. However, religious experience can occur accidentally under certain circumstances.

Authentic religious experiences of any form should always be understood as egoic penetration into the Fabric of Consciousness. This fully explains Leary's observations (1964: 328) et al., that religious experience is about "the ecstatic, incontrovertibly certain, subjective discovery of answers" to the Big Questions. Given the nature of the Fabric of Consciousness, we would fully expect communicative flows to bring revelatory answers to fundamental human questions, at least at the start.

Religious experiences are common in the initial phases of Awakening and amongst naive Spiritual Practitioners. Initially religious experiences may be overwhelming as a result of uncontrolled information transfer from the Fabric of Consciousness into the individual Physical Unit. However, as the practitioner advances, control may be gained when communicating with The Fabric (Sosteric, 2009).

The quality, strength, vigor, and even accuracy of religious experiences are determined by the Set and Setting of an individual Physical Unit. Negative experiences, i.e., experiences filled with fear, paranoia, are possible (and even likely) with heavily corrupted sets and/or negative institutional, cultural, or ideological settings.

As a side note, it is important to keep in mind here that the relative permeability of the "boundary" (i.e., The Veil) between The Fabric and the egoic consciousness of the Physical Unit is decreasing and will evaporate within the lifetime of everybody on this planet. This poses a peculiar problem for the professions of Social Work, Psychology, Psychiatry, and Medicine and will require a rapid increase in the "spiritual sophistication" of these professions in the short years ahead.

"“religious experience” I mean the direct apprehension, in consciousness, of those phenomena we have called class D and class E, or the domains of soul and spirit."[1]


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