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A Debacle is a catastrophic evolutionary failure. A debacle occurs usually when a species' technological, administrative, economic, and military prowess outpaces its ability to heal and reconnect, usually because an addicted Accumulating Class<ref>Sosterc, Mike. "How Money Is Destroying the World." The Conversation, 2018. cannot be made to release its control over The System. Debacle leads to devastating evolutionary setback.

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Debacle > Armageddon, Shefa


A debacle is an End of Stage (specifically end of Stage Two) risk/occurrence. A debacle occurs when a species has developed advanced economic, political, technological, and military systems without healing and a concomitant reConnection. A debacle occurs because a disconnected species is being "held back" and consequently cannot handle the powers provided by advanced technological and administrative capacity.

A debacle is characterized by ecological, economic, social, political, and military spiral into self-destruction.

Debacles typically do not wipe out a species, but they can cause an inordinate amount of unnecessary suffering, and they can set a species back several decades or more, depending on how catastrophic the debacle is. For this reason, an Intervention may be staged.