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A Debacle is a catastrophic evolutionary failure. A debacle occurs usually when a species' technological, administrative, economic, and military prowess outpaces its ability to heal and reconnect, usually because an addicted elite cannot be made to release its control over The System. Debacle leads to devastating evolutionary setback.

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A debacle is an End of Stage (specifically end of Stage Two) risk/occurrence. A debacle occurs when a species has developed advanced economic, political, technological, and military systems without healing and a concomitant reConnection. A debacle occurs because a disconnected species is being "held back" and consequently cannot handle the powers provided by advanced technological and administrative capacity.

A debacle is characterized by ecological, economic, social, political, and military spiral into self-destruction.

Debacles typically do not wipe out a species, but they can cause an inordinate amount of unnecessary suffering, and they can set a species back several decades or more, depending on how catastrophic the debacle is. For this reason, an Intervention may be staged.