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Armageddon is the term used to describe the final battle between "forces" that seek to Awaken the planet by encouraging the re-Connection and the Descent of Consciousness into the Physical Unit(i.e. The Forces of Light), and forces that seek to prevent that awakening by preventing re-Connection and lowering CQ (i.e. The Forces of Darkness).

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Related Terms

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Any individual working to awaken the human mind, emancipate the human energy system, and ascend the Physical Unit to higher levels of Consciousness may be said to be working for the Light. Anybody working to suppress the mind, bind the energy system, and lower levels of consciousness in the body may be said to be working for the Darkness.

Note that it is incorrect to associate Religion with darkness and Science with light. Although science may have once been exclusively associated with the light of Consciousness, now many examples may be found of science being used to stupefy and oppress. In truth, The Forces of Light may be found in religion, in spirituality, and science, and in all institutions of this world, just as The Forces of Darkness may be found in all places as well.