Archetypal Gestalt

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An Archetypal Gestalt is a Lightning Path term that refers to the meanings that emerge from the percolation of individual archetypes in the human brain. The Gestalt is essentially an emergent metaphosymbolic (metaphoric/symbolic) tapestry, an interpretative framework and basic foundation, for all the meaning in your life.


The Gestalt is established via the childhood insertion of archetypes (read indoctrination) into Bodily Consciousness via the vehicles of song, story, and myth. Once established in the brain, an archetypal gestalt goes invisible and unconscious where it subtly and significantly determines the form, color, and consistency of human consciousness.

The Gestalt is neither of Darwinian or Divine origin but instead emerges through the activity of human Agents of Consciousness who seed archetypes into consciousness, and then mold and refine through ongoing artistic expression. Since archetypes are seeded by human hands, the intelligence, intent, wisdom, and maturity of Agents of Consciousness needs to be queried when assessing the individual and/or collective Archetypal Gestalt.

The Archetypal Gestalt is like the water that runs under the ground at your feet. It is deep and difficult to access, but also profoundly responsible for the life that blossoms out up above.

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