Heart of God

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The Heart of God Chakra, more commonly known as the Heart or Anahata chakra, is one of the seven main energetic conduits (i.e. Chakras) of the Energy System of the Physical Unit. Energies from the Heart of God chakra are associated with the emotional apparatus of your Physical Unit. Energies from the heart chakra go towards the development and support of your body's emotional responses and emotional intelligence.

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Non-LP Related Terms

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List of the body's seven main Chakras

Body of God, Eye of God, Hand of God, Mind of God, Voice of God, Will of God


Visualization/reactivation: To "open" your heart eye, simply visualize energy flowing into your body and out into the world around you from a point in the middle of your chest. Visualize that energy flowing into your body where it cascades through your neural network in warm and scintillating colours, healing and expanding your emotional responses. Visualize it blasting out into the world around you and bringing awareness of all the joy, love, bliss, pain, and suffering around you. In world religions