Body of God

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The Body of God Chakra, more commonly known as the Root or Muladhara chakra, is one of the seven main energetic conduits (i.e. Chakras) of the Energy System of the Physical Unit. Energies from the Root chakra are associated with your ability to ground in reality and manifest your will in that reality. Energies from the root chakra go towards the development and support of your entire body and all its systems. As such, it is a foundational chakra. Deficiencies in energy flow can lead to numerous physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual dysfunction.

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List of the body's seven main Chakras

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"As above in consciousness, so below in matter." The root is the final step in the manifestation of Consciousness/Will.

Visualization/reactivation: To "open" your root chakra, simply visualize energy flowing out of your body through your anus and into the ground below you. Visualize that energy pouring, like a gusher, into the Earth. Know as you do this that your Consciousness is becoming more and more grounded and rooted in reality. This grounding gives you the platform from which to manifest Divine will, which is also your will.

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