Crown Activation

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The phrase Crown Activation refers to the activation of the Crown Chakra (i.e., the brain and central nervous system) of the Physical Unit.

Crown activation can be properly understood only when we consider the Physical Unit as a variable container for monadic consciousness. Under "normal" (but what I would consider marginally pathological) conditions, only a small proportion of monadic consciousness "enters into" the physical vehicle. However, under certain circumstances the crown chakra (i.e., the CNS) may become receptive to monadic consciousness. In the context of enhanced receptivity, higher monadic consciousness may be "poured" into the physical container. The entrance of higher consciousness into the Physical Unit is the direct cause of crown activation and any neurological correlates which may be observed.

The receptivity of the physical unit to monadic consciousness varies. Receptivity of the physical unit to consciousness is high at birth. Under healthy conditions, this high level of receptivity will be nurtured throughout the developmental decades ultimately resulting in a properly matured physical unit with extremely high levels of spiritual, psychological, and physical health. Under unhealthy developmental conditions (currently the norm), the high level of receptivity of the physical unit at birth is diminished and consciousness is blocked, more or less, out of the physical container.

Taking the perspective of a physical unit with diminished receptivity, and therefore lower levels of conscious activation, crown activation (more accurately remedial crown activation) can be intentionally induced (see, for example Entheogens and Crown Activators). In an physical unit with diminished receptivity, crown activation can also occur spontaneously as the result of expanding psychological health (perhaps as a result of therapeutic interventions designed to overcome spiritually pathological socialization processes). In this case we may talk about healthy activation.

Crown activation in a unit with diminished sensitivity may also occur accidentally either because of serious prior damage to the personality structures of the physical unit (i.e., the ego), or as result of intense acute, or long term chronic, psychological or physical trauma (Laing, 1989; Grof and Grof, 1989). In this case we may speak of unhealthy activation or even pathological activation.

The study of the induced activation of the Crown Chakra is not unknown to western science. The formal inquiry into the synthetic or induced activation of the Crown Chakra began on Bicycle Day (April 19, 1943) when Dr. Albert Hofmann accidentally ingested 250 µg of LSD. The scientific study of crown activation, which blossomed in North America during the 1950s and 1960s, was cut short as a result of political concern.

Healthy Activation

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Pathological Activation

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