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Avoidance is an Awareness Reduction Mechanisms that the Bodily Ego uses to avoid uncomfortable confrontation with ideas, feelings, or realities. When we avoid, we consciously and deliberately choose not to consider or engage with an idea, feeling, or reality. We avoid going into therapy because we are afraid of what might happen. We avoid atoning for wrong action because we don't want to deal with the backlash.

Other Awareness Reduction Mechanisms

Awareness Reduction Mechanisms > Avoidance, Denial, Displacement, Dissociation, Distortion, Distraction, Diversion, Gaslighting, Intellectualization, Internalization, Projection, Rationalization, Reaction Formation, Regression, Repression, Sublimation

Related LP Terms

Awareness Reduction Mechanisms > Bodily Ego, Cognitive Wall, Defence Mechanisms, Disjuncture, Externally Directed ARMs, Internally Directed Arms

Non-LP Related Terms

Awareness Reduction Mechanisms > Ego Threat, Unwanted Self



Avoidance is conscious and therefore easy to identify. Avoidance is rooted in fear, feelings of inadequacy, Learned Helplessness, and so on. We avoid taking a course because we fear failure. We avoid addressing a trauma because we fear the negative blowback.

To treat, teach the client necessary skills to express themselves and to act appropriately. Support them as they make necessary changes.