Promiscuous Channeling

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Promiscuous channeling is uncontrolled channeling. Promiscuous channels allow indiscriminate and uncontrolled communication flows from The Fabric.

Types of Intramonadic Communication

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Channeling > Conscious Channeling, Promiscuous Channeling, Trance Channeling

See Also

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Promiscuous channeling occurs when boundaries between the crown chakra and the Fabric of Consciousness are not properly established.

Promiscuous channeling is a problem with conscious channelers who do not establish boundaries, neophyte channelers who use entheogens to access The Fabric, and even experienced channelers. Promiscuous channeling should be avoided at all costs since there are no advantages to promiscuous channeling and there is considerable psychological risk. In addition, the information received through a promiscuous channel is questionable at best, and often outright false.

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