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Welcome to the SpiritWiki

The SpiritWiki is an online glossary of Lightning Path spirituality. The Lightning Path is a highly advanced, modern, syncretic spirituality that emerges from the mystical experiences, spiritual thought, and scientific research of Michael S. The Lightning Path, and the SpiritWiki which documents its concepts, ideas, and formulations, represents

  1. a modern attempt to advance this planet's spirituality beyond its primitive and confused state, and
  2. an attempt to integrate science and spirituality into a unified, logical, and coherent whole. In other words, the SpiritWiki is an attempt to develop a spirituality sophisticated science, and a scientifically sophisticated spirituality.

The SpiritWiki documents Lightning Path concepts and ties them together into a theoretical foundation and online educational textbook. The framework and information should be considered intermediate/advanced. For a basic, practical introduction to the Lightning Path, visit

The SpiritWiki is written like on online hyper-text-book. To begin your journey, simply enter in through one of the topical nodes listed below and burrow your way down from there.

Note, the SpiritWiki is a copyright academic work in progress. If you use the information here, cite as suggested at the end of each entry.


Authentic Spirituality

Consciousness: Consciousness is the root of all things (Sharp, 2006). Consciousness is the fundamental reality of this universe. Consciousness is awareness, compassion, power, and light. Consciousness drives Creation. Consciousness is Creation. Consciousness is what your Physical Unit was designed to contain. Consciousness is what you need to connect to.

Cosmology: Cosmology is the philosophical, religious, or scientific study of the origin, evolution (when considering scientific cosmologies), nature, and (when considering religious or spiritual cosmologies) purpose of the universe. Cosmologies answer the Big Questions and offer direction, meaning, and purpose to life.

The Physical Unit: The Physical Unit (a.k.a. PU) refers to the physical body or (more technically correct) the “container” for incarnated Monadic Consciousness. The Physical Unit is the sum total of all structures and mechanisms of the physical body.

Development: Development refers to the process, which begins at Conception, of creating a physical unit capable of seating high levels of Consciousness and fully realizing inherent divinity. A properly developed physical unit is aligned and Connected to Spiritual Consciousness/Spiritual Ego.

Regime of Accumulation (a.k.a. The System).

Helping Out