Creation Practice

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Creative Practice is the LP term used to refer to the practice of magic, or the influence of creation through the conscious application of Force and Formation.

Syncretic Terms

Creation Practice > Magic, Magick

Related LP Terms

Creation Practice > Ascended Space, Conditioned Space, Force, Formation

Non-LP Related Terms

Creation Practice > Focus, Shraddha, Visualization


Creation practice involves connecting with The Fabric, with your own Highest Self, or some other location within, and melding with, unifying, and using the consciousness and energy of that point to effect a certain task.

"...One of the principal operations of Magick is to invoke the God appropriate to the thing you want, identify yourself with Him [sic] and flood your work with his [sic] immaculate impulse." [1]


  1. Crowley, Aleister. The Confessions of Aleister Crowley: An Autohagiography. London: Arkana, 1989. p. 244.