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Archetypal Revision (a.k.a. Archetypal Cleansing) refers to the process of changing the archetypal contents of Bodily Consciousness[1] after these contents have already been established by Agents of Consciousness during the toxic Socialization process of this planet.

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Archetypal revision is not difficult to accomplish if the process is conscious and voluntary. However, if the goal is involuntary revision, as for example happens during a military basic training program, or when a native population is colonized by an occupying force, various levels of violence may be required.

Archetypal revision may be referred to as Archetypal Cleansing when the process involves the removal of toxic Old Energy Archetypes and their replacement with emancipating and empowering New Energy Archetypes

Recognize, root out, and replace. As noted in LP Book 4, archetypal cleansings involve recognizing the existence of old energy archetypes, rooting them out wherever they exist in your ideas and consciousness, and replacing them with new energy alternatives.

The Lightning Path Triumph of Spirit Archetype System (TOSAS) is a toolbox that you can use to replace oppressive Old Energy Archetypes with empowering and salutatory New Energy Archetypes

Archetypal Cleansing is a special type of Archetypal Revision conducted when the process of revision involves removal of toxic old energy archetypes


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