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Nu Shug is a Buddhist term syncretic with the LP term Force.

Syncretic Terms

Force > Imagination, Mana, Miwi, Nu Shug, Orenda, Perspective, Prana, Wakan, Will, Yang, Zaki

Related Terms

La, Nam Shé, Saug

Buddhist Terms

Bodhicitta, Bodhisattva, Bodhisattva Vow, Bodhisuta, Buddha Mind, Gifts of the Spirit, Kalki, Kalpa, La, Mantra, Moksha, Nam Shé, Nirvana, Nu Shug, Pure Land, Sangha, Satori, Shambhala, Sutta, Tathagata


"The pau say that the la possesses nu shug [nus shugs]—that is, power, force, energy, and strength—and liken it to the Indian concept of shakti (albeit without the goddess identity). It is the power of nu shug that “animates” the body (see Bellezza 2005, 93). When a person dies, the la leaves the body; the body then becomes a corpse because there is no nu shug to animate physical existence. Nu shug also relates to personal power, skills, talent, strengths, and magical and shamanic abilities. It is also a cosmic power possessed by deities and the inherent power found in sacred objects and amulets. Nu shug is ardor and passion, as well as capability. A diminishment of nu shug is a weakening of the la, and a concomitant loss of physical strength, personal power, health, passion, motivation, mental acuity, and focus; even a person’s luck is diminished."[1]


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