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The term Great Light (a.k.a. Blazing Star, Central), is the masonic term for the Fabric of Consciousness. It describes a relatively higher level of Consciousness[1]. From the perspective of Bodily Consciousness the Great Light may refer to Resident Monadic Consciousness or the Fabric of Consciousness. From the perspective of Resident Monadic Consciousness it may refer to the Fabric of Consciousness.

The ostensible goal of Free Masonry is to lead an individual, by "degrees" to Connection with the Great Light. According to Lomas, this connection brings with it special Powers or Siddhi as they are known in Hinduism.

Of the Third Degree Lomas writes:

The Initiate's Sun is not just dawning as a glimmer of light on the mental horizon; it has risen to shine in their personal heaven. It is this mental state that confers the new dimension of learn to visualize the inner nature and moral conditions of others, to read their minds and thoughts as easily as you read a newspaper. Distance, stone walls, or other interventions are no obstacle to your enhanced perception. You can refocus your consciousness in a way incomprehensible to the uninitiated.[2]


Lomas, Robert. The Secret Science of Masonic Initiation. San Francisco: Weiser, 2010.


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