The Mantle of Spiritual Authority

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The Mantle of Spiritual Authority (or just The Mantle for short) is a (usually metaphoric) garment that an individual dons when they presume to speak the capital "T" truths of consciousness, God, and creation. The Mantle of Spiritual Authority is like the red robe that a priest uses to distinguish himself from the congregation. It is a claim of authority and wisdom designed to indicate spiritual and pedagogical mastery. The individual who dons The Mantle presumes to speak spiritual truths, and pedagogical mastery because the wearer presumes to be a good teacher[1] [2]

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Note, the presumption of spiritual or pedagogical mastery implied when an individual "dons" The Mantle may or may not be justified. That is, individuals who don The Mantle may know what they are talking about and they may be master teachers, but they may also be dazed, confused, or purely manipulative. Caveat emptor applies here. Learn to identify discern Authentic Spirituality.

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