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Types of Transformation

Awakening leading to Alignment:

"Not long ago I met a man who is well known in Germany. When he was a young man he was a butcher and found contact with the US army headquarters in occupied Germany. He got a contract do deliver frankfurters....In the following years he built a large meat-processing company....He became a rich man, with enormous slaughterhouses.... One day he went on vacation to the Sahara and spent two weeks living in the desert, very much like a Bedouin. Then it came to him apparently very suddenly, that what he was doing was terrible for the animals and not much good for people either. It appeared to him that his life was being wasted; butchering is not what he should be doing. He came home, sold his entire holdings, and created a foundation for ecological responsibility." (Laszlo in Laszlo, Grof, & Russell, 1999: 60)

"I have seen over the years many examples of people changing dramatically, not only internally, but in a way that had deep impact on their everyday lives. In many instances, they remained in their old job or life situation in general. When one is a medical doctor, lawyer, or teacher, on can simply continue what one has been doing, but with a new consciousness, in a different way, with a changed focus. But there are some jobs that are clearly incompatible with the new way of seeing reality and it becomes impossible to carry on with them. A good example is a friend of mine who is a physicist. He wrote a dissertation on the influence of the geomagnetic field on the trajectory of missiles. His dissertation was classified and he was offered work with the Pentagon. He told me that, one day, he and his colleagues were working on a specific task--how best to distribute the elements of a multiple-head missile to totally wipe out a territory...As they were working on the mathematics of this problem, he suddenly realized that this was not an abstract issue. They are not talking about 10^2 miles, but about human lives, mothers, children, families, schools, hospitals...He actually had a vision of what his activity woudl lead to. He got up as in a trance and walked out, never to return. He became a bodyworker and healer deeply interested in spirituality." (Grof in Laszlo in Laszlo, Grof, & Russell, 1999: 59-60)

Alan Watts

Speaking of "It", Watts suggest that if we experience "It", and especially if "IT" became more universal, we'd see a transformation of values towards a more humanitarian/spiritual center, a stronger appreciation of life, more appreciation for the "unheeded miracles that surround us..."


...I believe that if this state of consciousness could become more universal, the pretentious nonsense which passes for the serious business of the world would dissolve in laughter. We should see at once that the high ideals for which we are killing and regimenting each other are empty and abstract substitutes for the unheeded miracles that surround us—not only in the obvious wonders of nature but also in the overwhelmingly uncanny fact of mere existence.[1]


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