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A Psychic Wound is an emotional, psychological, or spiritual wound caused by emotional, psychological, or spiritual assault[1] severe enough to damage the egoic structures of the Bodily Ego and alter the bio-chemical functioning of the brain and central nervous system.

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A psychic wound refers to an emotional or psychological injury that results from a distressing or traumatic experience.[2] It is a term often used to describe the deep, lasting impact that certain events or circumstances can have on a person's mental and emotional well-being.

Psychic wounds may be observed via changes in the biochemical functioning and response of bodily system and in the various emotional, psychological, and behavioral changes that occur as a consequence of a psychic wound.

Psychic wounds can manifest in various ways and may manifest emotionally and psychologically as feelings of pain, fear, shame, guilt, or powerlessness.[3] A psychic wound can also manifest as Disconnection and the inability to Connect.

Psychic wounds underpin all forms of emotional and psychological damage, including damage to Bodily Ego.

Psychic wounding can be caused by a range of experiences, such as physical or emotional abuse, neglect, loss, violence, or significant life disruptions. Psychic wounds are often associated with intense emotional distress and can significantly impact a person's thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and overall functioning.

Addressing psychic wounds typically involves therapeutic intervention aimed at processing and healing the emotional pain associated with the traumatic experience.

Connection Supplements may be used to facilitate the healing process. See Healing and Connection for a broader overview of both.

Because we are all exposed to a violent system of socialization Toxic Socialization, psychic wounds are extremely common.The vast majority of people on this planet suffer from one or more untreated psychic wounds.

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