Double N Mystic

From The SpiritWiki

A Double-N Mystic is a mystic who is both novice (i.e. new to the process of Connection) and naive/ignorant of the social-class, political, and economic realities of this planet which impinge, impact, inform, and corrupt mystical experience and their understanding of it.


For reasons outlined elsewhere (BOLIFE), Nostradamus may be considered a double-n mystic.

Double N mystics are often, like children seeing their first glorious sunset, awed by the Noetic/powerful feel of the information stream. Awed by the stream, they are more likely to simply accept the information as "divine wisdom" no matter how confused, inaccurate, or tainted it might be.

Double N mystics are unaware of elite interference in the spiritual fabric of this planet. They thus uncritically accept Spiritual Ideology and are unconsciously complicit in the importation and re-transmission of said ideology to themselves and others.

Double N mystics, because they are over-awed by the power and the glory of the noetic stream, because they are unaware of elite ideology, often do not progress much beyond their initial naive/novice/beginner status. However, because double-n mystics are impressed by the noetic power and glory, they often present themselves as far more advanced than they are.

Double N mystics are dangerous because double N mystics often present novice spirituality as advanced mystical practice, undermine the development of healthy and critical spirituality, unwittingly propagate elite ideology, and interfere with authentic critical connection. Double N mystics hold people back.