Dopamine Attachment

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Dopamine Attachment is the LP term for the neurological programming and attachment that occurs when dopamine is released in the brain.


Dopamine is an attachment chemical. Dopamine helps the brain "attach" to things likely to lead to survival, and avoid things likely to lead to destruction. As Psychologist David J. Ley says, dopamine release is “like a little red flag to your brain, saying ‘hey, pay attention, this is about to feel good, and you want to remember this, so you can do it again.’” [1]

Dopamine attachment is implicated in the development of "addictions," or what we call Toxic Attachments. Dopamine attachment in response to Topxic Socialization is the root cause of "addiction" (i.e. Toxic Attachment (Sosteric & Ratkovic, 2019).

Dopamine attachments may be inactive, active, or broken.

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