Divine Messengers

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According to Rudolph Steiner, Divine Messengers are the "most perfect" humans. They are "divine-human hybrids" often seen as "higher spirits who assumed human bodies in order to help mankind forward on the earthly path."[1] They are specially trained, specially chosen human agents who, because of their knowledge specially imparted to them by "higher beings which did not belong directly to earth,"[2] were revered by the human masses as "divine messengers."


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Syncretic Terms

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According to Steiner, divine messengers were trained, and received their communication, in special Temples of the Mysteries.

In places about which the average people knew nothing, this initiation, this communication with the gods, actually took place. These places of initiation were called temples of the mysteries. From them the human race was directed. What took place in the temples of the mysteries was therefore incomprehensible to the people.[3]


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