The Great Gork

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A Great Gork is a master Gork, a pinnacle Gork, a Gork at the top of the proverbial pyramid, looking down on all those below. Originally from the planet Groffle, but now indigenous to this struggling planet, a Great Gork makes all the rules, takes all the rewards, and does whatever he wants whenever he fucking well pleases. A Great Gork has no trouble putting others down just so that he may be elevated above all those around him.

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A Great Gork often doesn't use body deodorant and therefore both acts AND smells like a dirty, unwashed, asshole. Should you meet The Great Gork (or even a lesser Gork) hobsnobble him with kindness and exit quickly stage left. At no time should you consider approaching The Great Gork (or even a lesser Gork). Gork's are infamous for their violence and their voracious appetites. They will hurt you when you challenge them and take, take, take from you until you are a burned out, dried, husk.

Always get as far away from a Gork, great or not, as fast as you possibly can.

Great Gorks's of history include people like Mussolini, Hitler, Nixon, and all other little-penis-people so filled with Wrong Thought and so damaged by Toxic Socialization that they don't know who and how many they harm.

In 2016, the world's greatest, but dumbest, gork took over the U.S. government. Even though ejected in disgrace, this Great Gork continues to attempt domination. Millions are paying for this. Millions will continue to pay until The System is finally removed.