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Regression is an Awareness Reduction Mechanisms that involves a fall back to childhood states, allowing only simpler, childlike emotions and awareness to occur. Regression facilitates the Suppression and Repression of challenging ideas or challenging situations.

Other Awareness Reduction Mechanisms

Awareness Reduction Mechanisms > Avoidance, Denial, Displacement, Dissociation, Distortion, Distraction, Diversion, Gaslighting, Intellectualization, Internalization, Projection, Rationalization, Reaction Formation, Regression, Repression, Sublimation

Related Terms

Awareness Reduction Mechanisms > Bodily Ego, Cognitive Wall, Defence Mechanisms, Disjuncture, Externally Directed ARMs, Internally Directed Arms


An eleven-year-old child wets the bed when their parents divorce.


Help clients develop expressive skills. Help them discover and verbalize whatever stressful idea or reality is triggering the regression. Help them develop the skills needed to take action to resolve the