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Since writing the book, I have been gradually led to believe that the old stories must be taken literally if at all possible, that deep secrets and a deeper awareness of the complexity of our universe was experienced by our ancestors , and that something of their belief, and experiences can be ours once again. Vine Deloria - God is Red.


The SpiritWiki is the canonical core and foundation of the Lightning Path. The SpiritWiki provides authoritative LP definitions, conceptual interlinks, scholarly citations, and other information relevant to whatever definitions/ideas you are looking at. You can find out more about the who, why, and what of the SpiritWiki by checking out the Spiritwiki About page.

FYI, the Lightning Path is a modern, sophisticated, scientifically grounded Human Development Framework that purports to provide all you need to heal, connect, and achieve full potential.

For many people, the best entry into this SpiritWiki will be through the LP introductory (foundational) Courses. If you are brave and bright, you can read about the Lightning Path Human Development Framework and then explore the SpiritWiki by using the "Overview" menu on the left side of the screen, and clicking some links. We'll eventually provide a short orientation in this space to help with your exploration; for now you'll have to explore on your own.