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I have come to "set in motion a machinery which will bring noble ideas to the door of everybody, and then let men and women settle their own fate. Let them know what our forefathers as well as other nations have thought on the most momentous questions of life. Let them see specially what others are doing now, and then decide. We are to put the chemicals together, the crystallization will be done by nature according to her laws. Work hard, be steady, and have faith in the Lord. Set to work. I am coming sooner or later. Keep the motto before you — Elevation of the masses without injuring their religion." Swami Vivekananda[1]


This wiki, The SpiritWiki, is the canonical repository of all things Lightning Path. It is the foundation of the LP. It provides authoritative definitions, conceptual interlinks, citations, and other relevant information. Read all about it by checking out the SpiritWiki About page.

The SpiritWiki continues to evolve.


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