Control Clause

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A Control Clause is an Archetype or idea designed to corrupt energetic flow from the body's main chakras. Control clauses shape our consciousness thereby shaping the energies that flow from our system.


Control clauses are like sentences (clauses) that shape your intent and thereby determine (control) how the energy that manifests from your chakras goes into creating the world. The sentence “we live in a world of good and evil” is one such control clause that helps us manifest the world of duality but there are others specifically designed to support The System we all find ourselves in. Some of these control clauses are general clauses and govern how the energies from your entire system manifest and others are specific clauses that work on a single chakra.

Another example, the root chakra ground Consciousness and is implicated in manifestation of Divine Will. The manifestation of Divine Will can be corrupted by ideas that pain life as a violent struggle and competition where the goal is to "win" (i.e. dominate others). When control clauses that paint life as a violent struggle and competition are installed, our energies go towards creating such a world, whether we like it or want it or not. It is therefore important to examine all the control clauses.