Ajay Sarqata

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'Ajay Sarqata describe the "dismemberment of the soul caused by disruption or imbalance, including trauma and damages the ability to interact with the self, the community, or the earth." [1] The term is syncretic with the LP concept of Disjuncture.

Syncretic Terms

Disjuncture > Adultry, Anrta, Drug, Druh, Hell, Infidelity, Separation, Sin, The Hellish Marriage

Related LP Terms

Ajayu >

Non-LP Related Terms

Ajayu > Ajay Sarqata



  1. Lucana, Sonia, and John Elfers. “Sacred Medicine: Indigenous Healing and Mental Health.” The Qualitative Report 25, no. 12 (December 1, 2020): 4484.