Third eye chakra


Chakra a Sanskrit term meaning wheel. Chakras are essentially energy vortices in your body. As recognized by ancient and modern practitioners of acupuncture, there are literally thousands of chakras in your physical body.

Chakras are the end-points, the "opening" of a multi-dimensional, holographic energy-matrix that is initiated when Spirit enters matter and begins the process of constructing The Body.

There are two kinds of chakras in your physical body. There are the multitude of bodily chakras which cover the surface of your body. These bodily chakras are associated with the energy systems of your physical body and are manipulated and activated during the practice of acupuncture. In addition to your bodily chakras you also have seven (and onlyseven) primary chakras. Your primary chakras, which can also be manipulated with acupuncture and other forms of spiritual practice, provide the foundational energies for creation within the spiritual world.

Primary Chakras


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