Talk:The System


Archetypes constitute the backbone of The System. This may be deduced from historical accounts. Even after large-scale "successful" revolutions, predatoric, hierarchical political and social systems emerged, showing that The System is ultimately not based, nor dependent, on a specific political and social infrastructure. While the breakdown of such an infrastructure may destabilize The System to a certain extent, it reinstitutes itself automatically and with speed. Political and Social infrastructures - culture, organisation of life in general, institutions etc. - may be viewed as coagulations of the ideational system (Archetypes) they are based upon. Thus, The System prevails accross cultural, technological, political and social changes throughout large time frames.

The "simple" requirement to truly change The System, lies in the identification and revision of Old Energy Archetypes, and large-scale dissemination of a set of New Energy Archetypes. --Aim (talk) 11:37, 24 July 2019 (UTC)