Spontaneous Channeling

Spontaneous channeling is a phenomenon that occurs as a result of the ascending vibration of the planet.

As the vibration of this planet increases, energetic conditions become conducive to spontaneous chakra openings. Because the Crown Chakra is the least dense of all the chakras, it is almost always the first chakra to begin opening.

Upon opening of the crown chakra, the Physical Unit may experience "penetrations" of its limited Bodily Ego into The Fabric. These penetrations, which may pass immediately or linger on for extended periods, will (for better or worse) bring the Physical Unit in contact with larger portions of the Stream of Consciousness. When this penetration is controlled and willful (i.e., initiated by the individual), this is known as channeling. When it happens in an uncontrolled, "accidental" fashion we can call it Spontaneous Channeling.

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