Reality Perception

Reality perception is that state of consciousness when the individual Physical Unit is capable of, and free to, perceive reality as it is.' An individual who is percieving reality as it is does not turn away from the realities of this world and is aware of things like child abuse, child poverty, social oppression, injustice, inequalities, and the organized exploitation of the people of this earth both in their individual life, their community, and the world at large.

The ability to perceive reality is predicated on the proper activation and development of the Crown Chakra (i.e. brain and central nervous system) and Eye of God chakra (i.e. third eye, sensory system). The Activation and development of the chakras in turn depends on proper socialization. When proper socialization has not been achieved (the "normal" state of affairs on this earth), then chakra activation becomes a process of uncovering blockages and removing resistances and Defense Mechanisms that prevent proper functioning and development.

Reality perception and proper crown chakra activation are actively discouraged by The System on this planet. Instead, children are trained to prefer illusion over reality and to actively engage in suppression of their own chakra energies. As explained in the book The Dossier of the Ascension, suppression of chakra energies is achieved primarily via a process indoctrination and fear based childhood socialization.

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