Non Resident Monadic Consciousness

The Non Resident Monadic Consciousness (NRMC) is a secondary monadic consciousness which temporarily displaces the Resident Monadic Consciousness (RMC). The displacement may be voluntary displacement (as is the case with trance channeling) or (involuntary, as is the case with some forms of mental illness. When involuntary, displacement is generally the result of shattered bodily ego and the absence of appropriate boundaries around the Personality Structures of the Physical Unit (PU). Involuntary displacement is not as common (though still far too common) as it once was, owing to a general reduction of systemic abuse. We should not, however, get the eye that conditions are anywhere near ideal anywhere we may care to look.


A direct, and strong, correlation between rates of involuntary displacement (i.e., serious psychosis) and areas or contexts of high social and/or high psychological dysfunction, and extended and/or serious abuse, can be expected.

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