Lesson:Human Development

Human Development

  • The goal of human development is the descent of consciousness into the body, or the attainment of a high Consciousness Quotient.
  • The descent of consciousness, and the attainment of high CQ, occurs naturally and inevitably as the human Physical Unit matures and develops in a healthy, need satisfied environment.
  • The result of high levels of consciousness in the body include:
    • high self-esteem,
    • high sense of entitlement
    • recognition of the fundamental divinity and unity of all beings,
    • strong feelings of compassion and responsibility for self, children, people, and the planet.
    • high levels of mastery in specific areas of expertise.
    • strong ability to learn, grow, expand, and adapt.
    • strong resistance to social evils like violence, hatred, war, inequality, etc.
    • strong support of social good
  • The descent of consciousness into the body can be hampered, halted, and even reversed, either unintentionally through acts of fear, ignorance, selfishness, and violence or intentionally through the creation of a spiritually oppressive System.
  • The Purpose of Sociology is to identify the social, political, economic, and historical contours of The System. Sociology also identifies the Ideology that supports and justifies The System as well as the archetypes that create the system anew with each generation of
  • The Purpose of Psychology is to identify conditions which interfere with the expansion of consciousness into the body, and also the conditions which support the expansion of consciousness into the body.
    • Violence (emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical), deprivation, and Ideology create misalignment and disjuncture and prevent the descent of consciousness into the body.
    • Peace, prosperity, and Truth remove disjuncture, create alignment, and open "the door" for the descent of consciousness into the body.
  • The Purpose of Medicine (in whatever form it is practiced, Western, traditional, Eastern, energetic, etc.) is to identify factors which contribute to the health and well being of the Physical Unit, to encourage the dissemination of this knowledge globally and, as a last resort, to return the Physical Unit to a state of physical and mental health so that the Physical Unit may be able to handle high levels of consciousness in the body.