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Conditioning is a process of programming the Physical Unit. Conditioning, which occurs over time as thoughts or behaviours are repeated, relies on the "storage facilities" provided by the genetic materials depends on the Pleasure Principle. Conditioning is driven, in ideal circumstances, by the Pleasure Principle and is designed to insure the Adaptability of the Physical Unit to changing Environmental Conditions

Connectivism is an invalid theory of Learning. It is invalid primarily because it is an attempt to model Life without Consciousness. No scientific model of [Life]] will ever be completed unless Consciousness is factored into the equations. Connectivism is also invalid because connectivist attempts to model the capacity of the Physical Unit to learn developed only because Lamarchian ideas about the function of genes were suppressed. Lamarchian notions were suppressed because his ideas would have lead directly towards ideas about the "storage features" of Terran DNA. Once it was accepted that DNA would reorganize as a result of environmental influence (derogatorily referred to as Soft Inheritance), it would have been a short hop, skip, and jump to the realization that negative experiences would be passed on to one's children, impacting their ability to connect and possibly handicapping future generations of the family. At that point, i.e. at the point where parents opened their eyes and realized that current political, economic social, psychological, emotional, and spiritual environments had intergenerational consequences for their family, the willingness to Tolerate would be eliminated and Transformation would inevitably result.

Connectivism was based on the work of Edward Thorndike who was himself influenced, as all System Agents appear to be, by the work of Gregor Mendel.

It should be noted that the sun is on the horizon! As Jablonka & Lamb (2008: 389) note, the "winds of change in evolutionary biology" are blowing as the Mendellian foundation for modern Vacuous Genetics is slowly being undermined.

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Edward Thorndike