A Blasphemy is a statement or idea that is completely apostate. A blasphemy is a statement diametrically opposed to the Truth. A blasphemy is a blatant, though often unconscious, misrepresentation of the nature of God, god, consciousness, creation, and the purpose of existence. A blasphemy is the presentation of a lie as the Truth (with a capital "T").

There are many examples of blasphemies in the Old Book of this world. The idea that Christ will come back in judgment, casting out those who didn't follow the rules and allowing only a special few into The Kingdom, is such a blasphemy. The idea that "God the Father" sits in judgment of his "children," abusing and burning alive those who do not follow the rules, is also a blasphemy. The social Darwinist credo "survival of the fittest" is a justification for the domination of the many by the few and is also a blasphemy.